Aviva Price Hike

Today’s report of the Aviva health Insurance price increase, averaging 14% is of great concern to us.We are unconvinced that this is solely to cover additional demands for private health services and medical inflation and not some marketing strategy.We restate our call for the Health Insurance Authority (H.I.A)   to regulate that all private health insurers independently  post their price increases on a specific day for the coming year – this simple regulation would in our view stimulate competition as the company would be restricted from further price increases for another year.It would further eliminate any perception that may exist  of Price Shadowing in the Market.We understand from the H.I.A. that there  may be issues about implementing  this proposal with the Competition Authority – We have raised the HIAs view with the Competitions Authority and are awaiting their response as we are at a loss to understand how this would not stimulate  necessary competition in this market..