Health Reform Some Benchmarks for its Success’s 14th May 2013

Health Reform Some Benchmarks for its Success’s

The Irish Patients’ Association today welcomes the announcement by the Minister for Health to reform our acute hospital system particularly the stated commitment to

  • Better patient safety
  • Better Patient Care
  • Better Value for Money

Many reforms have been heralded as examples of excellence and failed to deliver.

Stephen McMahon CEO of the Irish Patients Associations said “Troikaitis dictates that the Government and its Minister must deliver the hard transparent evidence of performance in this reform and that those who fail in the delivery of these deliverables are held to account if they fail to meet objectives. We earnestly hope this is the final solution not just for Patient Safety and Value for Money but also equity of access”

The challenge to improve access to health care for public patients is the very issue that will create a political challenge to sell into private patients to buy in to a public system that has the following waiting.

15% of public patients are waiting for their 1st appointment to see a hospital consultant

5% of public patients are waiting more than a year for an outpatient appointment to see a consultant

A few days ago a national survey by ICGP of nearly 300 GPs found that the average wait times following their referral;

                                                    Private Patients                                    Public Patients              

Ultrasound Test   average wait            4 Days                                                             98 Days

(Where direct access was available)

CT Scans                                             5.5 Days                                                         112 Days

MRI Scan                                              7 Days                                                             154 Days


These are the benchmarks that will provide the evidence of Minister Reilly’s success and legacy.


“Change and Reform in our health care system must not by preceded by preventable funerals and injury to patients”