The Irish Patients’ Association’s Mission is to keep the patient at the centre of the healthcare system. It does this by advocating for the needs of patients to be paramount while working in partnership with health providers.Through contact with patients, their families, and their carers, the Irish Patients Association (IPA) keeps abreast of ongoing and emerging patient needs. The Association addresses various committees, working groups, and public bodies on behalf of patients.

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Terence Cosgrave: Sick health system needs radical surgery, not a financial band-aid Monday 10th June 2013

THERE has always been an element of mystery about medicine and most people in the medicine business want to keep it that way. It’s what makes change difficult. Doctors and nurses are careful when they make pay demands – always framing them in the context of the suffering of sick people who need ‘the best care’, as opposed to healthcare professionals who need ‘the best pay’ to give that care.

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Health Reform Some Benchmarks for its Success’s 14th May 2013

Health Reform Some Benchmarks for its Success’s

The Irish Patients’ Association today welcomes the announcement by the Minister for Health to reform our acute hospital system particularly the stated commitment to

  • Better patient safety
  • Better Patient Care
  • Better Value for Money

Many reforms have been heralded as examples of excellence and failed to deliver.

Stephen McMahon CEO of the Irish Patients Associations said “Troikaitis dictates that the Government and its Minister must deliver the hard transparent evidence of performance in this reform and that those who fail in the delivery of these deliverables are held to account if they fail to meet objectives. Continue reading

Litany of waste across HSE laid bare as €721m is slashed from budget

Staff got paid for weekend shifts when unit was shut

A LITANY of waste and value- for-money failings across key areas such as staffing, patient transport, drug payments and computer systems has been revealed in a series of confidential internal audits carried out by the HSE. The audits, obtained by the Irish Independent, come as the health service is forced to inflict cuts of more than €721m this year, including withdrawing medical cards from 40,000 people.

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HSE salary overpayments top €1.7m

The figure is €27,000 below the corresponding figure for 2011 when the cost of salary over- payments was €1.748 million, and substantially below the 2010 figure when the cost was €5.043 million.

Over payments can occur for a variety of reasons including: Late notification of changes to staff work patterns; payments made when sick leave pay has been exhausted; late notice of resignations; and administration errors in payroll departments.

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Health technology assessments (HTAs)

HTA scheduled surgical Procedures Report April 2013 please click here

HTA Varicose-Vein Report April 2013 please click here

HTA Grommet insertion and adenoidectomy Report April 2013 please click here 

HTA Tonsillectomy Report April 2013  please click here

HTA Cataract-Surgery Report April 2013 please click here