Over 4,000 HSE staff quit

The ‘grace period’ for taking early retirement from the public service expired yesterday, with around 4,300 staff now estimated to now have quit since last September.

Over 9,000 staff will have taken early retirement from the public service in recent months.

Around 2,200 of health staff staff had already quit their posts at the end of January, with the remainder leaving by yesterday’s deadline.

A total of 524 of the retiring health staff are to be replaced.

The HSE says it is filling gaps in services through redeployment of staff, greater flexibility and productivity, and through targeted recruitment where necessary.

The HSE has said disruption to services from today as a result of the staff exodus is unlikely.

Public servants retiring before February 29 are able to avail of more favourable pension provisions, with their pensions based on salaries before recent pay cuts.