Stephen McMahon was educated at Blackrock College and Trinity College in Dublin where he obtained a Diploma in Advanced systems analysis. Stephen has wide business experience having worked for 30 years for a multinational oil company.

Mr McMahon is Chairman and co-founder of the Irish Patients’ Association (IPA), based in Dublin and is a voice for patients in Ireland.  The Irish Patients’ Association listens and learns from the many experiences of patients, their families and carers and helps resolve their issues and bring problems to the fore. The ultimate goal of the Association is a world class, patient centred healthcare system that is built on Patients Rights, Responsibilities and trust. The Association is involved in education, research, and works in partnership at many levels within our healthcare system.

The IPA is working alongside many healthcare organisations and educational centres in Ireland, ensuring that the patient remains at the very centre of healthcare. Key to that goal is the Patient Safety

McMahon is a member of the Governing Board of the International Alliance of Patients’ Organisations (I.A.P.O.) a global voice for patients advocating patient centred care in over 60 countries.

He is also a member of the Irish Council for Bioethics, and has served as the Irish Delegate on a Council of Europe expert group on Media and Health.

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