“Whose Accountable when things are not right? “Probably no-one” says Patient Advocate 31st January 2013

The Audit reports released today makes grim reading for patients who use some of the 14  hospitals audited. What for the remaining 43 yet to be audited ? .Patients who contact a healthcare infection can die or at worse be injured from such infections.

Recognising the ever increasing work load of HIQA, it is imperative that routine audits are not side lined by headline pressures for other investigations.  A two year gap for such audits is not acceptable and calls into question commitments to stop preventable infections as such audits have a key role in delivering safer care. 

Whatever about unannounced inspections, where announced inspections were made such as for Connolly hospital  “The Authority  had concerns that Connolly Hospital did not have in place the arrangements to effectively govern and manage the prevention and control of Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI) . In the case of  the unannounced assessment at South Tipperary General Hospital (STGH), Clonmel on 6 November 2012 between 12:20hrs and 17:30hrs. the Authority found that the environment and equipment assessed in both Medical 3 and the Maternity ward was unclean. In the patient ward areas assessed, tiles and the adhesive around the base of showers were unclean with a visible mould-like substance

During the course of the monitoring assessment, the Authority identified an immediate serious risk to the health and welfare of patients receiving care at South Tipperary General Hospital, Clonmel. This immediate serious risk pertained to cohering of patients with communicable diseases on the main corridor adjacent to the ED which is used as a main thoroughfare.

Stephen McMahon CEO of the Irish Patients Association said “we hear the talk about accountability when things are not right, who is accountable for this situation? “Probably no one” he added